Beauty and the Beast

… Or a reasonable facsimile. 😉

Awhile back, Warik was loitering in Meridian waiting for the mail to come in. Suddenly, a blonde Bahmi beauty caught his eye, and when he turned to get a better look, he realized she was there for a specific reason. Before he knew it, there she was, sword drawn, squaring off with a knight.


Warik took a defensive stance, but stood well away, keeping a close eye on them in case he would have to intervene. So focused was he on the pair, that he didn’t notice her bodyguards arrive with weapons at the ready.

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Waning Moon Giveaway

When the Harvest Moon has begun to wane, and the excitement of farming sap has faded, it’s time to go exploring! From 16 to 22 November, I invite you to put your dimension-trekking shoes on and find a fantastic dimension for role play.


Shot on location in Kish & Zill’s Summer House, by Zillaan, @Deepwood.NA

Have I waxed your interest? (See what I did there? Waxing and waning? Hee hee! 😉 ) Then read on…

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Dark Costumes

As you know, for the past few weeks Gwed has been MIA due to real life reasons. But now, my family has gone, the house has been cleaned, and life has slowly gotten back to routine once more.

These last few weeks I’ve mostly just logged in to collect affinity and minion rewards. But that didn’t stop me checking out what people in Tempest bay were wearing. What with the Halloween events going on, Autumn Harvest and all that, I like how people have sported different looks relating to the season. These two in particular caught my eye.

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Shout Out

I interrupt this short hiatus to bring you an announcement:

Seshatar is funneling his creativity and reputation once more to raise money for Extra Life, a charity that supports Children’s Miracle Network hospitals.

This event is a 24-hour event, hosted in many gaming communities, to raise money to help the kids—a very worthy cause.


Trion, being a pro-community type of company, is helping him entice Rift players, by providing awesome rewards for those who participate.

However, whether you win or not, participating in all this in-game content will certainly be reward enough, as you will be getting:

  • many different wardrobe skins from all manner of raids,
  • in-game currency by downing various bosses,
  • and earning those hard-to-get achievements for your characters.

In my opinion, this type of community event is a win, no matter how you look at it. Everyone gets involved, gives generously of their ideas, their time, and their money. It creates a network of contacts and makes new friendships. Bonus, there might be a bit of loot in it for random participants. And the proceeds go to help kids in need. We play, they mend.

Please join in the fun, see the sticky in the forums for all the details and how to sign-up!

“Remember—Your Gaming Habit Can Help Heal A Kid”

Short Hiatus

As some of you may know, I am Canadian, and living in the UK at the moment. It’s only temporary, so we have family coming to visit until November 8th. The blog will be temporarily suspended until then, as I want to focus solely on being with our family, and taking them to see the sights out in the real world… 😉

The Daily Gwed will get back into the swing of things in the days following the eighth.

Thanks for understanding!



Tricks & Treats Giveaway Winners

Thank you to everyone who participated in the giveaway! I’m so happy you took the time to pull an outfit together—goodness knows my characters have seen quite a few Halloween-inspired costumes around Telara these last few weeks.

As Trion gave me 15 codes to share, the thirteen participants (woooo 13, creepy!) will all get a 5th Anniversary Snail Mount! Congratulations to everyone! (Except Google’s Random Number Picker, as it will remain unused. *Snigger*)

Be sure to activate your code as soon as possible, as they will expire October 31, 2017.

Stay tuned for more giveaways in the future!


P.S. Would Thestylishradish please communicate with me with regards to forum handles! 😀 Thanks!

Clearing the Mountain

It had rained for a week in Moonshade Highlands, and the surrounding areas had been reduced to mire, judging by the muddy hoof prints on the cobblestones. From the front steps of the bunkhouse, a mug of hot coffee in hand, Warik smiled at the weak sunlight filtering through the mist.


He was feeling restless. It seemed nature was conspiring against him, keeping him in the outpost for days on end just when he’d found the perfect spot to call home. Being cooped up like that, especially in such a crowded place, often kept his temper simmering.

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The Fashion Guru

Trion made good on Yaviey’s promise to get the 10 finalists their Fashion Guru titles. When I logged in this morning, each of the characters on my account (both EU and NA) had received an in-game mail with their Writ of the Fashion Guru. I was so squeeeeeee! I’ve been waiting since the Fashion Week Contest results were announced, and it seemed like I would never see the day, I was that excited to get it!

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