[Happy Thoughts, Happy Thoughts]

For those of you who hadn’t noticed, I was extremely excited about the Shiny Stories contest in the Rift forums. I worked really hard over several weeks, fine-tuning my rough draft, double-checking spelling and artifact names, and on the second to last day, I was finally satisfied. Here is my entry:

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Shout Out

I interrupt this short hiatus to bring you an announcement:

Seshatar is funneling his creativity and reputation once more to raise money for Extra Life, a charity that supports Children’s Miracle Network hospitals.

This event is a 24-hour event, hosted in many gaming communities, to raise money to help the kids—a very worthy cause.


Trion, being a pro-community type of company, is helping him entice Rift players, by providing awesome rewards for those who participate.

However, whether you win or not, participating in all this in-game content will certainly be reward enough, as you will be getting:

  • many different wardrobe skins from all manner of raids,
  • in-game currency by downing various bosses,
  • and earning those hard-to-get achievements for your characters.

In my opinion, this type of community event is a win, no matter how you look at it. Everyone gets involved, gives generously of their ideas, their time, and their money. It creates a network of contacts and makes new friendships. Bonus, there might be a bit of loot in it for random participants. And the proceeds go to help kids in need. We play, they mend.

Please join in the fun, see the sticky in the forums for all the details and how to sign-up!

“Remember—Your Gaming Habit Can Help Heal A Kid”

The Fashion Guru

Trion made good on Yaviey’s promise to get the 10 finalists their Fashion Guru titles. When I logged in this morning, each of the characters on my account (both EU and NA) had received an in-game mail with their Writ of the Fashion Guru. I was so squeeeeeee! I’ve been waiting since the Fashion Week Contest results were announced, and it seemed like I would never see the day, I was that excited to get it!

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Shout Out

I’d like to take a moment to bring to your attention an event taking place on Saturday, 2017-10-14 from 10am-12pm UTC (EU server time) [3-5am PDT], hosted by Seshatar and Dancingmoon@Zaviel.EU.

It’s a RP-PvP kind of event, in a Dormant Core dimension called Razormaw Isle (by Arrekelia@Zaviel.EU)—think pirates and slaves, and gladiators fighting for their lives in an arena!

It’s for a great cause and sounds like a lot of fun! You can read the fantastic story line Seshatar wrote to get yourself into the mood (you will also find the rules there, and some dimension screenshots), then sign up for the event by posting your details in the forum thread.


Fashion Week Concludes

Telara Fashion Week closed on Thursday, September 14th, with roughly 200 entries submitted in two weeks. Friday evening (UK time), Yaviey and Brasse announced the top ten choices. (Here is a link to the Twitch RIFTstream from September 15th, when voting opened for first, second, and third place.)

To my amazement, my own entry “Zavira, The Gilded Storm Set”, was among the top ten!

Shot on location: Lamont Desert Residence by Cerese@Zaviel, EU

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Fashion Week 2017

Well, well. In all this cottage dimension madness, I’ve been slow to talk about another contest: The Telara Fashion Week 2017 contest. It’s not exactly clear to me who is hosting this contest, but please speak up if you know!

Since this blog is as much about wardrobes as it is about dimensions, I’m looking forward to seeing the ongoing entries until the contest closes on September 14th at 1PM PDT.

Kiwi has provided a How-To guide for screenshots, if you’re not sure how to get it done.

And so far, the entries are fantastic. Good luck to all the contestants! The top three prizes are huge! And the top ten finalists get the title “Fashion Guru”, how sweet is that? :O