Hi! Welcome to The Daily Gwed! Thought I’d break the ice for this first post* with a welcome message (typical, I know).

Good! Great! Now that that’s out of the way, let me make the introductions…

Summary: The Daily Gwed is a collection of short stories and essays, revolving around fictitious characters in Trion’s fantasy MMORPG, Rift. Here you will find character stories, “journal” entries, dimension photos, and fashion pages, written and “photographed” by yours truly.

As with most writers, I love interacting with my readers! So, don’t stay there stealthed in the corner. Leave me a comment, or get in touch with me in-game!

Gwedhiel is just another pretty elven face in the world of Rift, going about her leveling and platinum grind like everyone else. But she has a secret.


Sshh. Come closer, let me tell you…

She is actually possessed. *gasp!* She is possessed by the slightly distracted, creative and quirky spirit of a woman, with stories jam-packed in her head, crowding in there so tightly that they’ve bottle-necked like a four-lane highway into a residential zone, and no one is getting anywhere. Ergo, together, they’ve decided to create this blog to ease the congestion, and have a bit of fun in the process. *cackle!*

First of all, you may know me (a.k.a. the spirit haunting Gwed) from WoW, as I am none other than the alter-ego of Arathor’s very own Anoukisse. A few years ago, wanting—nay, needing—a life, I quit the game and spent many a day doing other stuff. Then, we moved far away from friends and family, from Quebec (CANADA) to Hampshire (UK), and I started to crave a bit of company, albeit of the digital variety, to break the monotony of my days.

At that point, I rediscovered Rift, which now had a few new hooks to lure me in: Dimensions and Wardrobes! (Every grown-up Barbie-lover’s dream!) Enter Chrystiel, who introduced me to the secret world of in-game role-playing, and that was it. Since then, Rift has become my game of choice, offering so many ways to pass the time it’s almost frightening.

I will mostly be posting here for my own satisfaction. But hopefully, I will also entertain a handful of people too. For those of you sticking around, there are going to be an awful lot of wardrobe and dimension screenshots coming this way. You’ve been warned. *wink*

Cheers! Gwed

Shot on location in O-RP Heroes Rest, by Greyhelm, @Zaviel.EU.
Costume design: Patchwork Cloth Helm, Silverwood Defender’s Shoulderguards, Seafaring Hauberk, and Stonewarden Hunting Bow.

[*Note: This page was originally my first post to the blog. However, since it speaks volumes, I have retired the post, and instead, used it as the about page for the blog.]