Eerie Apparitions

On Telara, sometimes things just happen. There is no way to prepare for it, just no way. You need to take things in stride, and cope. I think that’s what truly makes the characters on this world survive the day to day.

For example, there was Gwed, astride her noble steed, cheerfully sporting her Dead Snowman helm… When a mummy crept up out of nowhere and bit her butt.


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Clandestine Antics

When a bunch of us were just chilling in Tempest Bay, fooling around with the wardrobe—as we tend to do when we’re ‘just chilling in Tempest Bay’—I discovered a gender bug. If you recall, I’d shared a few screenshots of us as angels and demons. Well, one of my guildmates (not naming any names *coughJasscough*) turned Gwed into a shambler. When she “snapped out of it”, she had become a he! Imagine my surprise to lose the leaves and gain a muscular back!

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