More Faeries

Whilst I’m on the subject of fairies, what with my last post about Mullewappp… I don’t know if all these outfits are inspired by the wardrobe options, or if the current options are catered to players’ preferences, but I sure do see a lot of faery and pirate costumes around Telara.

Other than in Tempest Bay, I don’t manage to take many snapshots, because people are always on the go, but here are a few that caught my eye..

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Fairy Godmother

Once upon a time, there was a young girl by the name of Aurora. She was hidden away in a lovely little cottage in the woods, and raised by her fairy godmothers: Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather.

The story does not speak of a fourth little fairy, who was rather forward for her era and positively loved playing Rift—her name was Mullewappp.


[Updated March 01, 2018]

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Of Reapers and Baglings

MMO players love their mounts. Whether you’re running around on a quest, or idling in a major city, you’re bound to notice some spectacular mounts. A lot of times, especially in Rift due to its ease to swap and save wardrobe appearances, people match their outfits to their mounts and sometimes, those matches are even more spectacular.

Take, for instance, Captain Unsulied@Gelidra.


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Clandestine Antics

When a bunch of us were just chilling in Tempest Bay, fooling around with the wardrobe—as we tend to do when we’re ‘just chilling in Tempest Bay’—I discovered a gender bug. If you recall, I’d shared a few screenshots of us as angels and demons. Well, one of my guildmates (not naming any names *coughJasscough*) turned Gwed into a shambler. When she “snapped out of it”, she had become a he! Imagine my surprise to lose the leaves and gain a muscular back!

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Cozy Boots for the Season

Though she hates shopping, Gwed recently bought a new pair of boots, and a nice thick pair of socks to wear with them (Templar’s Footguards, available in the Rift Store). The look is all the rage, you know…

That being said, she spent an afternoon at Chrys’ winter cottage, having hot coffee and a nice conversation in front of the roaring fire. The perfect way to end a busy day of killing stuff…

Shot on location in Winter Getaway, by Chrystiel, @Bloodiron.EU.
Costume design: (Chrystiel) Vigil’s Radiance, Fae Yule Formal Tunic, Sea Raider’s Boots. (Gwed) Impervious Leather Tunic, Rake’s Leggings, Templar’s Boots

Angels of Wrath

People seem to really love their wings in Rift—something I personally find suited to the notion of being “Ascended”—especially the Vigil’s Radiance ones, which can give the wearer the appearance of an angel or a fallen angel.

I particularly like seeing those wings on clerics, since I’m an ex-World of Warcraft player, and I associate clerics with paladins, and paladins with archangels.

The following outfits recently caught my eye, and provide a nice variety of ideas for someone looking to sport them.

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