More Faeries

Whilst I’m on the subject of fairies, what with my last post about Mullewappp… I don’t know if all these outfits are inspired by the wardrobe options, or if the current options are catered to players’ preferences, but I sure do see a lot of faery and pirate costumes around Telara.

Other than in Tempest Bay, I don’t manage to take many snapshots, because people are always on the go, but here are a few that caught my eye..

Nutella’s Items Name Source
Cape Arboreal Wings X
Chest Fine Fae Tunic Rift Store Bundle
Feet Fine Fae Boots Rift Story Bundle
Elleloriah’s Items Name Source
Cape Blue Butterfly Wings Rift Store
Chest Skycloth Tunic Rift Store
Legs Virtuoso’s Pantaloons X
Feet Fae Yule Formal Boots Rift Store Bundle
Ivress’ Items Name Source
Cape Arboreal Wings Rift Store
Chest Skycloth Tunic Rift Store
Gloves Fine Fae Gloves Rift Store Bundle
Legs Seeker’s Leather Leggings Random drop
Feet Slayer’s Leather Boots Random drop

Something in particular ties all these faeries together: They are all High Elves! I’m not a big fan of elves (yes, I know Gwedhiel is one) but this look definitely suits the race. Also, each one has chosen a hairstyle that comes with flowers, and their outfits sort of criss-cross. (I wonder if they belong the same player?)

Well, no matter. Great outfits, pretty elves, delicate wings… Winning combination.

Incidentally, I have been writing offline quite a bit lately, so haven’t had as much time to update the blog. I also write at another blog, but it’s completely unrelated to the game, so please bare with me! 🙂

“X” marks an answer I don’t have, but feel free to comment below if you know! 🙂


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