Hawthorn’s Songbird Theater

When I learned about dimensions, I was fascinated: Here was a game that allowed me to build anything I wanted, in a space where I was free to place things without limitations (other than item limit). Naturally, I quickly found Nouvae’s Dimension Gallery, and I scoured the directory for dimensions I’d like to visit.

That’s how I discovered Holly (a.k.a. Hawthorn) @Faeblight NA, and her incredible talent with dimensions. Wow. And Songbird Theater—have you been? I promise it’s worth leveling a toon to 10 just so you can press the +1.


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Meet Warik

Meet Warik—my very first actual role playing character.


After being accepted to the delightful guild The Clandestine (on Zaviel EU), I spent a few evenings role playing various random “chars” to get a feel for it a bit, and then I created this bad boy. (Secretly, I am totally in love with him, and if I look at him while playing, I get distracted. And drool just a bit on my keyboard. 😉 Ssshhh!)

I figured I would post his official bio here, so you can get to know him a little if you’re interested. Or, maybe it can help you create a bio for your own role playing characters.

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Here Be… Pirates?

One morning, the Tempest Bay canals were swarming with seafarers. Wondering what the occasion was, and slightly distrustful of so many of them arriving at once, Gwed took some quick snapshots in case local authorities needed some intel later on.

Later that same day, while sitting in the steps, in the shade cast by a flowering cherry tree, Gwed looked over the photos from a different perspective: that of fashionista. She instantly recognized how posh the outfits were, lending an air of diplomatic authority to the wearers. She also noticed how these seafaring types all seemed to have a flair for hats.

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Quick mention here: Xazoula, loving the color combo. And the hairstyle. ❤


Item Name Source
Chest A variation of Corruptor’s Leather Tunic  X
Legs  X  X
Feet Appears to be Vicious Leather Boots  X

“X” marks an answer I don’t have, but feel free to comment below if you know! 🙂

Working On It

Good morning ladies and gents!

This is just a little heads’ up to say that I am working on my layout. It isn’t making sense to me, so rest assured it will be much prettier and more intuitive, and things won’t overlap as they do currently.


I will continue to post entries just the same, as that’s more fun, but I promise it’ll work better soon! Thank you for your patience and understanding!

~The Management
(a.k.a. Elisa 😉 )

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Exploring the Mountain

At the crack of dawn, a cock crowed from below in the market place, announcing the start of a new day. Warik turned miserably on the tiny bed, the abused mattress sagging under his weight. He had already secretly repaired the legs of the bed, having splintered them his first night in the bunkhouse. “Aaah. Moonshade Outpost. Catering to witches, dwarves, and other assorted hot-heads,” he thought to himself, dragging a calloused palm over his tired eyes. “This has got to stop.

Less than an hour later, with a relatively full belly, he left the bunkhouse feeling irritable. The small beds and low beams of the dormitory, the constant comings and goings, the lack of privacy—it was enough to drive a man mad for lack of sleep. Not to mention the ever-watchful presence of the outpost’s stalwart captain, Arboneth Koning, with her perverse sense of justice. Was she ever a thorn in his side!

At the stables, he saddled Chota, his loyal yarnosaur, and rode north into the hills, keeping a steady gait through the thickening woodlands.

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Now that we’re back from Spain, and all my family has gone home (sadly), the universe has flung its poo at us like an insulted chimp, and we have been putting the pieces together again since our return.

One way for me to ignore my problems is by immersing myself in my game, and today, it is with great pleasure that I share another lovely outfit spotted by Gwed, this time by Liwia@Gelidra, which I saw back in May. I even whispered her (him?) about it. Now, I must say it’s mostly due to the absolutely gorgeous Enigmatic Leather Tunic, but the whole outfit was put together brilliantly. Take a look…

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