More Faeries

Whilst I’m on the subject of fairies, what with my last post about Mullewappp… I don’t know if all these outfits are inspired by the wardrobe options, or if the current options are catered to players’ preferences, but I sure do see a lot of faery and pirate costumes around Telara.

Other than in Tempest Bay, I don’t manage to take many snapshots, because people are always on the go, but here are a few that caught my eye..

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Of Reapers and Baglings

MMO players love their mounts. Whether you’re running around on a quest, or idling in a major city, you’re bound to notice some spectacular mounts. A lot of times, especially in Rift due to its ease to swap and save wardrobe appearances, people match their outfits to their mounts and sometimes, those matches are even more spectacular.

Take, for instance, Captain Unsulied@Gelidra.


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Telaran Rainbows

One of our guildies roleplays a character by the name of Karak. This character is always garishly dressed in bright, mismatched colors.

He and Warik do not exactly get along, so while he’s out and about, Warik keeps a sharp eye out for any “rainbow” that might suggest Karak is in the environs.

Spotted in Tempest Bay:

Luckily, these colorful characters chose a harmonious color scheme, so Warik gratefully continued on his way…

My Favorite Bits from CC3 Gelidra

In honor of the third edition of Feendish’s Cozy Cottages, I dedicate this entry to the contestants of Gelidra, NA. [Updated Sept. 17]

Disclaimer: Rest assured, I have gotten permission to post these screenshots from the dimensions’ respective creators/owners. I will also be writing up one post per shard for both EU and NA. 😀 If for any reason a dimension is missing, it means I have not/not yet gotten permission to post any screenshots.

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Now that we’re back from Spain, and all my family has gone home (sadly), the universe has flung its poo at us like an insulted chimp, and we have been putting the pieces together again since our return.

One way for me to ignore my problems is by immersing myself in my game, and today, it is with great pleasure that I share another lovely outfit spotted by Gwed, this time by Liwia@Gelidra, which I saw back in May. I even whispered her (him?) about it. Now, I must say it’s mostly due to the absolutely gorgeous Enigmatic Leather Tunic, but the whole outfit was put together brilliantly. Take a look…

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