NPCs Please!

As you can imagine, I have been busy working on my real-life writing lately, and sort of focusing on a dimension project when I have free time. The writing workshop I attend has published its newest anthology, so I needed to sort all that out before I could think of writing here.

Plus, that great competition launched by Brasse and Seshatar has kept me busy too… It’s so fun! I think, even once the competition is over, I will be writing more of those, that’s how fun they are.

However, another thing that I’ve been pondering these last few weeks, is how much I wish we had more “people” NPCs to work with in dimensions.

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Grass Terrain Paint

I know Kitasia has an excellent list of dimension items over at Dimension Addicts. But sometimes, seeing items in a dimension, side by side, helps you to compare them, to help you better decide which one suits your build best.

Here I have put three grass terrain paints side by side, because I myself was experiencing this dilemma.