Fairy Godmother

Once upon a time, there was a young girl by the name of Aurora. She was hidden away in a lovely little cottage in the woods, and raised by her fairy godmothers: Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather.

The story does not speak of a fourth little fairy, who was rather forward for her era and positively loved playing Rift—her name was Mullewappp.


[Updated March 01, 2018]

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Oh, That Polka Dot Dress

The first time Zavira saw a lady wandering Tempest Bay in a lovely gown covered in dots, she knew she had to have one. She asked the lady for her tailor’s information, but the lady was not Mathosian, and alas, they could not communicate.

Zavira being who she is, began to hunt down every single tailor in the city, and when that failed, she traveled far and wide in search of the beautiful dress. Naturally, in her hunt, she found many pretty dresses, which she added post-haste to her wardrobe, but her search for that spotted gown was proving fruitless.

One day, I myself was doing a bit of research, and happened to stumble over the proverbial pebble that would release the landslide… I forwarded my findings to Gwedhiel, who passed them on to Zavira, and the story—luckily—has a happy ending.

Zavira in her newly acquired, undyed, Polka Dot Wedding Garb.

N.B.: Spoiler alert! Reading below provides steps, tricks, and how-to’s to get the Polka Dot Wedding Garb, and earn some achievements in the process.

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Of Reapers and Baglings

MMO players love their mounts. Whether you’re running around on a quest, or idling in a major city, you’re bound to notice some spectacular mounts. A lot of times, especially in Rift due to its ease to swap and save wardrobe appearances, people match their outfits to their mounts and sometimes, those matches are even more spectacular.

Take, for instance, Captain Unsulied@Gelidra.


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Eerie Apparitions

On Telara, sometimes things just happen. There is no way to prepare for it, just no way. You need to take things in stride, and cope. I think that’s what truly makes the characters on this world survive the day to day.

For example, there was Gwed, astride her noble steed, cheerfully sporting her Dead Snowman helm… When a mummy crept up out of nowhere and bit her butt.


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Short Hiatus

I realize the blog hasn’t been very active these last weeks. I’ve been overwhelmed with moving and sickness and tiredness. I’m pretty sure the cold weather doesn’t help with my energy levels either. I’ve also had a lot of homework for my writing class, and our anthology comes out end of March, so I’ve been busy with that too.

But with all this stress lately, we’ve decided to head out to Amsterdam for a few days, se the sights, discover something new. The blog will resume in roughly a week. Thanks for your understanding! 🙂

Cheers, Gwed

Clandestine Antics

When a bunch of us were just chilling in Tempest Bay, fooling around with the wardrobe—as we tend to do when we’re ‘just chilling in Tempest Bay’—I discovered a gender bug. If you recall, I’d shared a few screenshots of us as angels and demons. Well, one of my guildmates (not naming any names *coughJasscough*) turned Gwed into a shambler. When she “snapped out of it”, she had become a he! Imagine my surprise to lose the leaves and gain a muscular back!

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Bobble Heads

As in every MMORPG, there are many different appearance-altering items in Rift. They can be obtained through World events with special currency, they can be crafted, they can be earned as an achievement or artifact set reward, etc… (Does anyone know of/have a list of these?)

My favorite one is Hot Air Brew, a recipe that can be learned from the Apothecary trainers, and crafted at skill level 75.


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