Shelter in the Mountain

Since the Cozy Cottages III contest last September, Mordrahan’s Refuge de montagne has haunted me. I’ve gone back several times, almost sad that I couldn’t give it another +1. (Feendish’s contest is a great way to get to know other dimensioneers, and possibly even make a new friend or two.)

Over the last few months, I’ve learned that Mordrahan is a roleplayer on Brisesol, with the guild L’Ordre Draconique. As such, I would say he is mostly a roleplay-oriented builder, with a fantastic eye for detail and realism, and each of his many builds tells a story.


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Hawthorn’s Songbird Theater

When I learned about dimensions, I was fascinated: Here was a game that allowed me to build anything I wanted, in a space where I was free to place things without limitations (other than item limit). Naturally, I quickly found Nouvae’s Dimension Gallery, and I scoured the directory for dimensions I’d like to visit.

That’s how I discovered Holly (a.k.a. Hawthorn) @Faeblight NA, and her incredible talent with dimensions. Wow. And Songbird Theater—have you been? I promise it’s worth leveling a toon to 10 just so you can press the +1.


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