Carnival Costumes Giveaway

Hello, ladies and gents!

As part of the Trion Creator Program, I have a few codes to give away over Easter, so get your wardrobes ready!

For those interested in winning themselves a 5th Anniversay Racing Snail mount, between now and April 10th… What would your character wear to experience the Carnival of the Ascended festivities?

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NPCs Please!

As you can imagine, I have been busy working on my real-life writing lately, and sort of focusing on a dimension project when I have free time. The writing workshop I attend has published its newest anthology, so I needed to sort all that out before I could think of writing here.

Plus, that great competition launched by Brasse and Seshatar has kept me busy too… It’s so fun! I think, even once the competition is over, I will be writing more of those, that’s how fun they are.

However, another thing that I’ve been pondering these last few weeks, is how much I wish we had more “people” NPCs to work with in dimensions.

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Calling All Pianos Giveaway—Recipients

In light of there being only two participants, both have won a lovely 5th Anniversary Racing Snail. Google’s Random Number Generator was foiled again. 😉 Congrats to Atys and Oochee—honestly, thanks for participating!

Since I really do still want to honor these creations, stay tuned for another musical instrument-themed dimension giveaway in a couple of days. So… Start your dimension touring engines!

(Incidentally, my hope with these giveaways is to get people out and touring old, beloved dims, those that are no longer on the weekly list, those that have somewhat been forgotten… Feel free to suggest your own pianos and organs to friends looking to score themselves a mount. Or maybe swap one of your own creations with that of a friend, and both participate.)



Calling All Pianos Giveaway

You’ve probably seen my entry Ode to a Quirky Piano, and by now I’m pretty sure (and hopeful) that the dimension community has seen Arwhen’s spectacular take on a Baby Grand.

Aphrodite’s Fountain by Arwhen@Brisesol, EU

It got me to thinking about how I could see a whole bunch of dimensional pianos, and how I could involve everyone in this musical bliss at the same time. And presto! The answer came recently with the arrival of a whole new set of 5th Anniversary Racing Snail codes on behalf of the Trion Creator Program. What convenient timing!.

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More Faeries

Whilst I’m on the subject of fairies, what with my last post about Mullewappp… I don’t know if all these outfits are inspired by the wardrobe options, or if the current options are catered to players’ preferences, but I sure do see a lot of faery and pirate costumes around Telara.

Other than in Tempest Bay, I don’t manage to take many snapshots, because people are always on the go, but here are a few that caught my eye..

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