Dark Costumes

As you know, for the past few weeks Gwed has been MIA due to real life reasons. But now, my family has gone, the house has been cleaned, and life has slowly gotten back to routine once more.

These last few weeks I’ve mostly just logged in to collect affinity and minion rewards. But that didn’t stop me checking out what people in Tempest bay were wearing. What with the Halloween events going on, Autumn Harvest and all that, I like how people have sported different looks relating to the season. These two in particular caught my eye.

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My Favorite Bits from CC3 Deepwood

In honor of the third edition of Feendish’s Cozy Cottages, I dedicate this entry to the contestants of Deepwood, NA. {Updated October 2, 2017]

Disclaimer: Rest assured, I have gotten permission to post these screenshots from the dimensions’ respective creators/owners. I will also be writing up one post per shard for both EU and NA. 😀 If for any reason a dimension is missing, it means I have not/not yet gotten permission to post any screenshots.

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