Ode to a Quirky Piano

On the pages of the book propped up on this quirky piano’s table, are the notes for a wonderful Fae Yule song, inspired by the piano itself.


*©*´¯`·-· TWELVE DAYS OF FAE YULE ·-·´¯`*©*

On the first day of Fae Yule my true love gave to me, a cushioned stool with green seat.

On the second day of Fae Yule my true love gave to me, two limestone spheres and a cushioned stool with green seat.

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Cozy Boots for the Season

Though she hates shopping, Gwed recently bought a new pair of boots, and a nice thick pair of socks to wear with them (Templar’s Footguards, available in the Rift Store). The look is all the rage, you know…

That being said, she spent an afternoon at Chrys’ winter cottage, having hot coffee and a nice conversation in front of the roaring fire. The perfect way to end a busy day of killing stuff…

Shot on location in Winter Getaway, by Chrystiel, @Bloodiron.EU.
Costume design: (Chrystiel) Vigil’s Radiance, Fae Yule Formal Tunic, Sea Raider’s Boots. (Gwed) Impervious Leather Tunic, Rake’s Leggings, Templar’s Boots

Angels of Wrath

People seem to really love their wings in Rift—something I personally find suited to the notion of being “Ascended”—especially the Vigil’s Radiance ones, which can give the wearer the appearance of an angel or a fallen angel.

I particularly like seeing those wings on clerics, since I’m an ex-World of Warcraft player, and I associate clerics with paladins, and paladins with archangels.

The following outfits recently caught my eye, and provide a nice variety of ideas for someone looking to sport them.

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