Of Reapers and Baglings

MMO players love their mounts. Whether you’re running around on a quest, or idling in a major city, you’re bound to notice some spectacular mounts. A lot of times, especially in Rift due to its ease to swap and save wardrobe appearances, people match their outfits to their mounts and sometimes, those matches are even more spectacular.

Take, for instance, Captain Unsulied@Gelidra.


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Tribal Looks

I’ve been hoarding some of these images for a little while, trying to accumulate a bunch of different looks for those who tend toward tribal attire. The Captured Kelari Ornaments are a big hit with this crowd to be sure, which are a bit of an Ember Isle rep grind, but if I’m not mistaken, there’s another item that looks very similar called Spellbalde’s Ornaments, though I’m not sure how to get it.

Clockwise from top left: Pikka@Brisesol, Edena@Brutwacht, Charismati@Brutwacht, Gwinevere@Zaviel, Bluetattoo@Brisesol.

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Angels of Wrath

People seem to really love their wings in Rift—something I personally find suited to the notion of being “Ascended”—especially the Vigil’s Radiance ones, which can give the wearer the appearance of an angel or a fallen angel.

I particularly like seeing those wings on clerics, since I’m an ex-World of Warcraft player, and I associate clerics with paladins, and paladins with archangels.

The following outfits recently caught my eye, and provide a nice variety of ideas for someone looking to sport them.

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Dark Costumes

As you know, for the past few weeks Gwed has been MIA due to real life reasons. But now, my family has gone, the house has been cleaned, and life has slowly gotten back to routine once more.

These last few weeks I’ve mostly just logged in to collect affinity and minion rewards. But that didn’t stop me checking out what people in Tempest bay were wearing. What with the Halloween events going on, Autumn Harvest and all that, I like how people have sported different looks relating to the season. These two in particular caught my eye.

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Here Be… Pirates?

One morning, the Tempest Bay canals were swarming with seafarers. Wondering what the occasion was, and slightly distrustful of so many of them arriving at once, Gwed took some quick snapshots in case local authorities needed some intel later on.

Later that same day, while sitting in the steps, in the shade cast by a flowering cherry tree, Gwed looked over the photos from a different perspective: that of fashionista. She instantly recognized how posh the outfits were, lending an air of diplomatic authority to the wearers. She also noticed how these seafaring types all seemed to have a flair for hats.

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