Cozy Boots for the Season

Though she hates shopping, Gwed recently bought a new pair of boots, and a nice thick pair of socks to wear with them (Templar’s Footguards, available in the Rift Store). The look is all the rage, you know…

That being said, she spent an afternoon at Chrys’ winter cottage, having hot coffee and a nice conversation in front of the roaring fire. The perfect way to end a busy day of killing stuff…

Shot on location in Winter Getaway, by Chrystiel, @Bloodiron.EU.
Costume design: (Chrystiel) Vigil’s Radiance, Fae Yule Formal Tunic, Sea Raider’s Boots. (Gwed) Impervious Leather Tunic, Rake’s Leggings, Templar’s Boots


The Fashion Guru

Trion made good on Yaviey’s promise to get the 10 finalists their Fashion Guru titles. When I logged in this morning, each of the characters on my account (both EU and NA) had received an in-game mail with their Writ of the Fashion Guru. I was so squeeeeeee! I’ve been waiting since the Fashion Week Contest results were announced, and it seemed like I would never see the day, I was that excited to get it!

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Gwed Becomes a Lady

Since mid-September, I noticed Gwed’s been sulkier than normal. She already keeps to herself quite a bit, preferring to keep contact by writing as it seems less personal… But she was becoming downright contentious. And when I brought up her moodiness, she responded vaguely, as if she was keeping something from me. After a while, it became unbearable so I confronted her about it, and here’s what I discovered:

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