Beauty and the Beast

… Or a reasonable facsimile. 😉

Awhile back, Warik was loitering in Meridian waiting for the mail to come in. Suddenly, a blonde Bahmi beauty caught his eye, and when he turned to get a better look, he realized she was there for a specific reason. Before he knew it, there she was, sword drawn, squaring off with a knight.


Warik took a defensive stance, but stood well away, keeping a close eye on them in case he would have to intervene. So focused was he on the pair, that he didn’t notice her bodyguards arrive with weapons at the ready.

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Clearing the Mountain

It had rained for a week in Moonshade Highlands, and the surrounding areas had been reduced to mire, judging by the muddy hoof prints on the cobblestones. From the front steps of the bunkhouse, a mug of hot coffee in hand, Warik smiled at the weak sunlight filtering through the mist.


He was feeling restless. It seemed nature was conspiring against him, keeping him in the outpost for days on end just when he’d found the perfect spot to call home. Being cooped up like that, especially in such a crowded place, often kept his temper simmering.

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Exploring the Mountain

At the crack of dawn, a cock crowed from below in the market place, announcing the start of a new day. Warik turned miserably on the tiny bed, the abused mattress sagging under his weight. He had already secretly repaired the legs of the bed, having splintered them his first night in the bunkhouse. “Aaah. Moonshade Outpost. Catering to witches, dwarves, and other assorted hot-heads,” he thought to himself, dragging a calloused palm over his tired eyes. “This has got to stop.

Less than an hour later, with a relatively full belly, he left the bunkhouse feeling irritable. The small beds and low beams of the dormitory, the constant comings and goings, the lack of privacy—it was enough to drive a man mad for lack of sleep. Not to mention the ever-watchful presence of the outpost’s stalwart captain, Arboneth Koning, with her perverse sense of justice. Was she ever a thorn in his side!

At the stables, he saddled Chota, his loyal yarnosaur, and rode north into the hills, keeping a steady gait through the thickening woodlands.

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