A Breakdown of The Daily Gwed

Hello fellow Riftians and Riftorites, and welcome to The Daily Gwed. I wanted to take a few minutes to give you a quick run-down of how the site will be organized, though things should be self-explanatory. Here is a list of the categories I’ve decided on so far, though others may be added in future. [Updated 2017-12-01]


Where I let you know what’s going on with the blog. Because I am the editor of this “paper”. *flex*

Shot on location at Miss Clara’s Quarters by Cjwolffe @Brutwacht.EU


As I am a sporadic roleplayer, I like to write flash fiction and short stories relating my characters’ adventures and backstories.

Sometimes these adventures happen during actual roleplay, or just off the main stage. Other times, the stories will be completely fictional, as in: it was never played out, or I decided to go play it out in the “open world” all by my lonesome. (That’s what I used to do in WoW as our guild wasn’t into roleplay.)

To read these stories, look for the Entertainment label.

Shot on location at (RP) Songbird Theater by Holly @Faeblight.NA


As mentioned previously, I am a lover of MMO fashion, and Rift has given me my heart’s delight by providing a “saved appearance window” where I can mix and match pieces, styles, and armor class, and color them to boot! All without busting the bank. (Well, some wardrobe appearances and colors are only available for credits (which can only be purchased for real money through the Rift Store), but you can still pull off an awful lot of looks without spending a dime.)

If fashion is what you’re looking for, then you’ve come to the right place, as I plan to post screenshots of characters I meet during my characters’ travels throughout Telara. To access those entries, look for the Fashion label.

Shot on location at ~Coiffeur d’Andre~ by Spudkin @Wolfsbane.NA


In real life, I love decorating, and I love dollhouses. On occasion, I like to randomly visit dimensions, as well as build and play in my own. (I currently have one character on every EU shard that is above level 10, to visit and +1 dimensions I like.)

Click to the Tourism category to peruse screenshots of my own work, as well as dimensions that I love.

Shot on location at Apartment 4A (Sheldon Cooper) by Zeamage @Gelidra.EU

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