More Faeries

Whilst I’m on the subject of fairies, what with my last post about Mullewappp… I don’t know if all these outfits are inspired by the wardrobe options, or if the current options are catered to players’ preferences, but I sure do see a lot of faery and pirate costumes around Telara.

Other than in Tempest Bay, I don’t manage to take many snapshots, because people are always on the go, but here are a few that caught my eye..

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Shelter in the Mountain

Since the Cozy Cottages III contest last September, Mordrahan’s Refuge de montagne has haunted me. I’ve gone back several times, almost sad that I couldn’t give it another +1. (Feendish’s contest is a great way to get to know other dimensioneers, and possibly even make a new friend or two.)

Over the last few months, I’ve learned that Mordrahan is a roleplayer on Brisesol, with the guild L’Ordre Draconique. As such, I would say he is mostly a roleplay-oriented builder, with a fantastic eye for detail and realism, and each of his many builds tells a story.


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Tribal Looks

I’ve been hoarding some of these images for a little while, trying to accumulate a bunch of different looks for those who tend toward tribal attire. The Captured Kelari Ornaments are a big hit with this crowd to be sure, which are a bit of an Ember Isle rep grind, but if I’m not mistaken, there’s another item that looks very similar called Spellbalde’s Ornaments, though I’m not sure how to get it.

Clockwise from top left: Pikka@Brisesol, Edena@Brutwacht, Charismati@Brutwacht, Gwinevere@Zaviel, Bluetattoo@Brisesol.

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Wonder Woman

Back in the days I played WoW, a lot of us thrilled at pulling together superhero costumes. I remember various attempts for Wolverine, Thor, Captain America, Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman in particular.

Seeing that I like to roleplay here, and that I’ve actually found a guild who does it, I tend to stick to more realistic costumes in game. So imagine my surprise when I saw the most fabulous Wonder Woman just casually crafting stuff in Tempest Bay, in all her heroic splendour.

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My Favorite Bits from CC3 Brisesol

In honor of the third edition of Feendish’s Cozy Cottages, I dedicate this entry to the contestants of Brisesol, EU.

Disclaimer: Rest assured, I have gotten permission to post these screenshots from the dimensions’ respective creators/owners. I will also be writing up one post per shard for both EU and NA. 😀 If for any reason a dimension is missing, it means I have not/not yet gotten permission to post any screenshots.

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Here Be… Pirates?

One morning, the Tempest Bay canals were swarming with seafarers. Wondering what the occasion was, and slightly distrustful of so many of them arriving at once, Gwed took some quick snapshots in case local authorities needed some intel later on.

Later that same day, while sitting in the steps, in the shade cast by a flowering cherry tree, Gwed looked over the photos from a different perspective: that of fashionista. She instantly recognized how posh the outfits were, lending an air of diplomatic authority to the wearers. She also noticed how these seafaring types all seemed to have a flair for hats.

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